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Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

The college was established in 1979 with an aim to produce promoters of social transformation endowed with the spirit of service to mankind through moral and college excellence of the best of the East and the West.

It is a matter of great pleasure that Muzaffarpur Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital , Raghunath Pandey Nagar, Rahuo Aapuchh, M.I.C. Bela, Muzaffarpur is the resultant of a creative imagination of Late Raghunath Pandey, Minister, Govt. Of Bihar and philanthropic ideas of Sri Amar Nath Pandey, Secretary of the college who is determined to develop this institution into an ideal one to popularize the scope of Homoeopathic system of Medicine in the interest of the suffering humanity. The management of the college has a plan to convert this area into an institutional area having Dental, Law College and many other technical and non-technical institutions in this vast area of the campus. This college is permanently affiliated to B.R.A.,Bihar University, Muzaffarpur and recognized by Govt. of India Deptt. of  AYUS, New Delhi.

Some of the promising feature of the excellent college delivery system here, are : an ideal lecturer  student ratio of 1:25 to ensure quality education with personal care & attention to each student, spacious and comfortable classrooms, scientifically designed Anatomy Lab , Physiology Lab, Oraganon  Lab, Pathology Lab, F.M.T. Lab , Visual and Video Lab, Computer Lab, In Computer Lab teaching through  by Abdu Mughni Khan who is a computer engineer, audio-visual and many things are available in this college.
The College imparts education to 50 students (approximately) in B.H.M.S. and D.H.M.S passing in every year.


The college imparts education in Direct Degree Course and Graded Degree Course (B.H.M.S.) enabling the standard of Diploma holders to raise their status and opens the door for higher education in Homoeopathic (M.D.) in future.


  • Main object of this institution aim at Homoeopathic education in an open atmosphere.
  • The education imparted intends to develop Homoeopathic Personality to fulfill the object of Govt. to provide health to everybody.
  • The Homoeopathic education establishes cost effective and easilly comprehensible system to the common mass living in remove villages of the state and townships.
  • The institution organises seminars, work-shops and conferences within the campus and beyond to add to popularity of the system.
  • We project this system of Medine as an ultimate medical system of 21 st Century.

Rules and Regulations

Students seeking admission test for getting themselves admitted in both Direct Degree Course and Graded Degree Course should fulfill the following  conditions:-

  • For Admission in B.H.M.S., a candidate must have passed the intermediate Science or its equivalent examination with Biology, Chemistry and Physics as his subjects.
  • For Admission in graded degree course a candidate must have passed 4 years diploma course from any university, Homoeopathic State Board. Council or any equivalent diploma recognized by the Central Council of Homoeopathic, Delhi.
  • A candidate must have obtained 17 years of his age on the 31st December of the session.
  • A candidate must by physically and mentally fit and sound for undergoing the course. A certificate from any recognized doctor must be attached to application form.
  • A candidate must have passed I. Sc. or + 2 examination with Biology from the universities of India or any other equivalent examination recognized by the university.

The whole course is called +five Years Degree Course (B.H.M.S.). Its academic session would be form June to May.

v     75% attendance of student is essential to be forwarded for university examination.

v     There shall be annual examination at the end of the 1st academic year and passing mark for promotion to the 2nd year would be minimum 50%.

v     There shall be pre-test examination before any university examination in all the classes.

v     The 1st B.H.M.S. university examination shall be at the end of 2nd year.

v     The 2nd B.H.M.S. university examination shall be at the end of 3rd. year.

v     The 3rd B.H.M.S.  University examination shall be at the end of 5th year.

v     Intership of one year is compulsory after passing the final B.H.M.S. Examination.


  1. Regurar classess both Oratical and Practical.
  2. Extra coaching given time to time.
  3. 75% Attendance compulsory.
  4. College Uniform compulsory.
  5. Tutorial calssess to remove special doubts.
  6. Teaching given open and natural atmoshere.
  7. All attention given to produce a successful Homoeopathic physician.
  8. Remowned teachers of repute are involved.
  9. O.P.D. and I.P.D. duties given to the learners to make them skilled.
  10. A large college campus with a large ground providing facilities for the extra curricular activities.
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